Friday, August 10, 2012

How to make Church Air™

Synthetic Church Air™ or SinChurchAir™ can be made using a common vapoizer (in this case using the Vaporite

1.   Set temperature to 333° and turn on fan
2.  Mix a small amount of real Frop (Habafropzipulops) - not that fake stuff grown in Florida on top of the mini Yeti dung but real Frop- with a minimum 5 drops of water in the end of the whip example

3.  Use a wine cork at the end to aid in shaking.
4.  Start taking long puffs and hold. Repeat until you see vapor.

 Keep in mind the THC will vaporise at 301° F the other cannabinoids at slightly higher temperatures.


  1. No, no this is all wrong. The correct temperature is 365 for thc. And don't add water it will not help much. The nice thing is even schwagy weed will get you nice n high.

  2. Also don't forget mix it up as you vape. Be careful not to start burning, as soon as it starts getting too dry add some water. Also, why am I writing a comment on my own blog to nobody?