Sunday, June 26, 2011

The First Master, NIMROD

Mathematics, Geometry, Astrology and Sun Worship all begin in Babel with Nimrod.
Inspired by Nimrod, RA - the all seeing eye

God of Sky and Time

incomplete Illuminati pyramid has 13 layers, representing the 13 bloodlines of the New World Order AKA the Conspiracy
1.  MIB

a challenge to JHVH-1  and like a father getting disrespected by his son, he is gonna be PISSED!
[something here, some credit to another author perhaps! Don't pay any attention to these I'm just asssdffff;awe]
- sunspot stuff...
11 year cycle of the sun, solar Maximum...

Thats all I got from the translation (transformation)!   The above represents a data feed transformed in my mind into what humans call Memory.  The problem is I could not type fast enough to transform all the data, some got lost, I cannot at all recall the parts that got lost, [some quick afterthoughts were captured between the brackets, these are less than complete
Perhaps you can fill it in a bit?   Meditate on "BOB", if you get anything good, please let me know.  

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