Friday, June 10, 2011

Do you know how fast we're going?"

A quote from someone who I must give most of the credit for the ideas and inspiration within this blog and someone who I admire greatly:
You know, when I was a kid it seemed most other kids, at least the ones I grew up with, by and large knew most of this stuff. That's because, in that far-off time, the Russians had startled the West by putting the first satellite, sputnik, in orbit, and in the U.S. there was a massive campaign to keep "ahead of the commies" in Science by making everything "educational." On the playground we'd discuss rocket trajectories and evolution, I recall. The result of all this? A whole generation who came to maturity in an approved atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, and who weren't inhibited about trying anything themselves. Yes, the so-called "hippies." Aghast at the monsters they'd created, the authorities quickly took steps to ensure that no such troublesome types would appear again by "dumbing down" the American educational system, and as the Eighties followed the Seventies, by crafting the system we have now, to produce self-satisfied, "self-esteem"-filled idiots...

Dr. Hal (Harry S Robbins)

The answer - approximately eight times faster than a bullet travels!

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