Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Bob's" Television

American equipment salesman, "Bob,"  saw a vision - no, more like a Brain Dump from JHVH-1 while working on a television set.  He was experimenting with a new design that would utilize Channel 1 in a way that had never been used before.  A Tap into the brain pan

What would this television look like?  Surly it would not resemble a Normal TV?

and stop calling me Shirley. 
Some thoughts on the Television: 

They have a machine that can tell THEM when you are thinking, its called a Television and when its off you are GUILTY! 
They don't have to make TV's that watch you because you're watching IT.  Rev. Ivan Stang SubGenius Hour of Slack # 933

- One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television.
- The first toilet ever seen on television was on "Leave It To Beaver."

Let us think of this thing called Tele-Vision.  These moving pictures presented in a most fascinating reproduction of life.    Now lets not start badmouthing the TV, after all, "Bob" was tinkering with his when he heard JHVH-1.  We need to give some respect to the Television.  

In the early 1800's a natural way of passing time would include things like drawing, pictures and eventually photography.  The only way to preserve images in the mind.  (besides mind-blowing techniques like meditation)

 Think of what early primitive people would have experiences on first sight of the television. No, hold that thought, forget about the primitives we'll deal with them later.  

I present, a video, one that gives you the gist of what "Bob's" TV was trying to do.  You see, sounds can be described using mathematical formula.  The more complex the formula, the more complex the sound.  You can do the same with video.  Keep this in mind as you watch this video:

Now, apply this concept to a television that is actually using these formulas to instead of the broadcasting signals, it is using ACTUAL INFORMATION.   and more on this information can be found below:  

Information Gathering and the DIKW
Knowledge comes but Wisdom lingers -alfred lord tennyson (but most importantly, Dr. Hal)

"WOTAN'S SLIDE SHOW" of the events from 1998 to around 2175
(and the infamous AMA)

everybody in theater wants to be on TV, so they can get famous.
Everybody on TV wants to be in film, so they can get rich.
Everybody in film wants to be in theater, so they can get taken seriously as "artists."

[aw Hell! I need to stop for this "Sleep" thing again... To Be Continued... almost done...]

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