Sunday, July 5, 1998

Some random facts about Mystery Hill

(America's Stonehenge)
Who was this mysterious insurance executive William Goodwin?  
What did he know of "Bob"?
Most importantly, did he have SLACK?

Mystery Hill
First some facts:
  • one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century!
  • monoliths were carved and placed there 4,000 years ago, possibly by the same people who built the famous astronomical observatory site of the same name in Great Britain.
  • puzzle to archaeologists, astronomers, and historians. 
  • monument built by settlers from Europe in pre-Columbian Bronze Age times?

From Boston University Dept. of archaeology:
Many of these sites are in New England, including the Upton Chamber in Upton, Mass., Gungywamp in Groton, Conn., a beehive-style stone chamber in Petersham, Mass., [THATS Arkham, MA - sound familiar?] and stone-lined tunnels in Goshen, Mass. Some have been discovered near Boston: in Concord and in the town of Bridgewater. For years they were assumed to be colonial root cellars, but in the late 1800s, a few archaeologists began speculating that the megalithic structures, similar to some types found in Europe, were the work of European settlers between the second and first millennium b.c.
Carved inscriptions, by pre-Columbian colonists were found.  I have studied these for years and indeed they picture a mysterious "piped" man.'s_Stonehenge

"the entire science of archaeology would collapse if Mystery Hill’s claims were true.”

no one has found a single artifact of European origin from that period anywhere in the New World."  - OH REALLY!  what about the people from Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος?? 

(Bulldata, Neurocosmology)

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